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Acupuncture Initial Visit- New Patients     $135

          This visit consists of a complete health history and medical evaluation, comprehensive treatment plan, and acupuncture.

Acupuncture Follow-Up Visit     $75

          Continued care for established patients who have had an initial visit.

Pre-Paid Acupuncture Packages: 6- $400     12-$800

Facial Rejuvenation     $200 / $1800

       We start with a facial + body acupuncture treatment then use a targeted skin oil for facial cupping and gua sha. Next, we apply a facial mask made with aloe vera, rose, frankincense, and vitamin c. Lastly, we apply Six Flowers Apothecary's Vitamin c + Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum with a jade roller. Every third treatment we dermal roll the face to visibly tighten and exfoliate the skin. This treatment yields a visibly hydrated, luminous, and supple complexion, reduces lines and wrinkles, promotes collagen production, and improves skin tone.

It takes the body 12 weeks to make collagen therefore we recommend weekly cosmetic treatments for best results.

Micro- or Nanoneedling    $350 / $1750

        Better than Botox. Immediately visible results.  Lasting results after 4-6 treatments. Microneedling and Nanoneedling are done with a pen containing oscillating needles, and we make passes or "channels" across the skin while using serums targeted to increase collagen and elastin production, reduce melasma (age spots) and dark eye circles, while tightening the skin around the eyes, mouth, and jaw line.  The treatment ends with an aloe vera, rose, frankincense, and vitamin c face mask, and you get to take home an aftercare kit with all of the products used during your treatment plus a facial mist, enzyme mask, and targeted facial oil to help heal your skin and keep it looking hydrated and luminous.    

Dermatology Initial Consultation     $175

          This thorough dermatology consultation includes a complete medical and health history, photos, nutritional recommendations, a treatment plan, and a prescription for internal and topical herbals. Cost of herbal medicines not included.

          Chinese Medicine Dermatology uses both internal and external medicines to get to the root causes of skin conditions. Each patient is given a custom treatment plan and prescription based upon their unique condition. Many stubborn skin cases can be greatly reduced or resolved when our treatment plan is followed. Conditions we treat but are not limited to: acne, alopecia, cellulite, eczema, herpes, psoriasis, rosacea, scars, shingles, stretch marks, and wrinkles.

Dermatology Follow-Up Visit     $100

          2-4 weeks after the initial consultation we check in to assess progress, take new photos, answer questions, and make necessary adjustments to the prescription.

Cupping or Gua Sha 30 minutes     $60

          Stand alone, non-invasive, needleless therapies to treat acute and chronic pain, common colds, musculoskeletal issues, cellulite, and relieve stress.

Herbal Medicine Consultation 45 minutes     $100

          An in-depth, complete, and often eye-opening consultation for an herbal medicine prescription. Includes an analysis of current medications, herbs, and supplements, and a Chinese herbal medicine treatment plan. Great for those not seeking acupuncture or those with complex medical issues who need customized formulas. 

Nutritional Consult 60 Minutes     $100

          For those who want in depth nutrition, dietary, and lifestyle guidance to complement their treatment plan..